This describes how to install the TRAL python package.

With pip (or pip3) configured for Python3, try:

$ pip install tral

The TRAL configuration files are automatically added to your home directory:


Install with sudo

In case you install TRAL with sudo, the installation home might differ for the sudo account. You can either supply the path to your home directory during installation:

$ python install --tral-home /path/to/your/home

or mv the TRAL configuration directory from your root dir to your home, e.g.

$ cd ~
$ sudo mv /root/.tral ./
$ sudo chown -R $(whoami) .tral


To compile locally, run

$ pip install -r
$ python install

TRAL uses tox and pytest for testing. The following commands relate to testing and code style:

$ flake8 tral  # check code style
$ python test  # Run tests
$ tox  # Run comprehensive test suite on multiple python versions

Next Steps

Working with TRAL requires more than just the python package. After this, you should install external software, download p-value distribution files, and adapt the configuration files.